06/10-06/14 Gambit Week

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9:30am-12:00pm ET, 12:30pm - 3:00pm ET

All Skill levels, from brand new beginners to strong tournament players are welcome!

Gambits - The Fun Way To Play 
Learn the ideas behind some of the most famous and fun chess gambits!  In a gambit, one side gives up a pawn or two in exchange for some other advantages.  Studying examples from gambits will help students to evaluate chess trade-offs and to think beyond just counting pawns. 

Beginner students will use gambits to reinforce what they are learning about chess tactics and general opening principles.  Gambits contain many sneaky traps and tactics are everywhere!

Advanced students will cover gambit openings in more detail, learning the key attacking and defensive themes.  Kids and coaches will work together to analyze unusual gambit positions.  Can you name the gambit in the picture?

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