Current Coach Schedules

Weekly Class Schedule

A few notes:

  • There may be occasional substitutions.
  • We'll update this once a month. (last updated Nov 22) 
  • If the time you see here does not show up on the scheduling page then the class is most likely full.
  • We recommend scheduling your month in advance to ensure you get the class times that you want!

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Fall Schedules: All Times Here in EST

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5:00pm: Bob 6:00pm: Bob 4:00pm: Rachelle 5:00pm Bob 4:00pm Bob
7:00pm: Bob 8:00pm: Rachael 7:00pm: Bob
6:00pm: Bob 1:00pm: Bob 5:00pm: Rachelle 6:00pm: Bob 5:00pm: Bob
11:00am: Gustavo
5:00pm: Rachelle 6:00pm: Rachelle 8:00pm Rachael
7:00pm: Rachael
8:00pm: Will
7:00pm: Alexander
6:00pm: James 4:00pm: Rachelle 5:00pm: James 6:00pm: Gustavo 5:00pm: James 1:00pm: James
7:00pm: Rachael 6:00pm: James 7:00pm: Bob 8:00pm: Will
5:00pm: James 5:00pm: James 6:00pm: James 5:00pm: James 4:00pm: James
12:00pm: James
8:00pm: Rachael 7:00pm: Will 8:00pm: Alexander 6:00pm: Rachelle
6:00pm: Gustavo
7:00pm: Savetha
4:00pm: Sid 4:00pm: Uthra 11:00am: Gustavo 10:00am: Gustavo 4:00pm: Amirali 11:00am: Bryan
5:00pm: Adarsh 5:00pm: Adarsh 4:00pm: Uthra 4:00pm: James 5:00pm: Rachelle 12:00pm: Bryan
6:00pm: Saro 6:00pm: Gustavo 5:00pm: Adarsh 5:00pm: Amirali 6:00pm: Will
7:00pm: Savetha 7:00pm: Savetha 6:00pm: Will 6:00pm: Amirali
7:00pm: Savetha
8:00pm: Savetha 7:00pm: Savetha 7:00pm: Will
8:00pm: Gustavo
8:00pm: Will
8:00pm: Savetha
9:00pm: Savetha
Kings 1
4:00pm: Uthra 4:00pm: Sid 10:00am: Gustavo 4:00pm: Uthra 4:00pm: Sid
7:00pm: Uthra 5:00pm: Amirali 5:00pm: Amirali 5:00pm: Adarsh 6:00pm: Adarsh
12:00pm: Gustavo
8:00pm: Uthra 7:00pm: Adarsh 8:00pm: Gustavo 6:00pm: Adarsh
7:00pm: Gustavo
Kings 2
5:00pm: Amirali 6:00pm: Adarsh 4:00pm: Sid 11:00am: Gustavo 5:00pm: Adarsh
6:00pm: Adarsh 8:00pm: Gustavo 6:00pm: Adarsh 4:00pm: Sid
8:00pm: Savetha
7:00pm: Amirali