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Coach James!

Coach James!

James (USCF 1533) learned chess at age 6 has been playing ever since. He loves that chess is a strategy game of perfect information, and that any that any two people can meet and play on even terms. James has been teaching with Silver Knights since 2017. When he's not playing or teaching chess he likes snowboarding, playing the piano and studying Japanese.






 Coach Gloria!

 Coach Gloria!

Gloria started playing chess when she was in elementary school, and really started to enjoy it after attending one of the summer Silver Knights camps. She likes how chess is an activity that she can fully immerse her mind in and is something she can enjoy as a hobby for the rest of her life. Her favorite thing about teaching Silver Knights students is being able to visibly see them improve. Seeing their faces light up when they get a concept, tactic, or problem they previously had trouble on is among my best experiences teaching. Gloria is a second-year student at the University of Virginia, majoring in Computer Science. She plays chess competitively with her university team at multiple tournaments. She also enjoys dancing and coding in her free time!

Coach John!

Coach John! 

John first started learning chess in third grade and soon became an avid chess fan. It is a rare occasion to find John doing something other than playing chess, except when studying music. He collects chess books and spends a lot of time reading them and playing out the moves page by page. His favorite opening is the Scandinavian with black and the King's Gambit with White. He has taught hundreds of students across the DMV and some of his students have even placed first in chess tournaments. John has been playing for over 20 years, and has taught with Silver Knights for two years. He moved to Rockville Maryland with his wife Jamie from Massachusetts in 2010. 

Coach Gina!