Small Group Classes in Chessable Classroom


When will the classes start in Chessable? Beginning August 1st. 

What if I don't have a Chessable account? You can make one here. We recommend choosing a username similar to your child's name, so that coaches can identify who they are.

What will be the biggest difference for classes? The main difference is that the lesson and games will all be in the same platform/page. Kids will not need to login to 

How will the lessons change? In addition to the regular lesson, the coach might include quizzes and opportunities to move the pieces on the board. If your coach makes a quiz then you’ll see a timer counting down with the remaining time to answer. No one but the coach will see your answer, so don’t worry if you get it wrong! Trying means that you’re thinking and improving! 

How will game time work? Halfway through class we’ll play games. You might play a tournament, casual practice games, or you might play a simul (simultaneous game play) against your coach. You coach might also choose to have your class play from a specific position or opening if it fits in with the lesson. The coach will decide and communicate with you about this. 

What will happen to my Chesskid account? You get to keep your account! The difference is that you will loose the automatic "gold" level, which gives unlimited access to lessons and games. We will no longer be having tournaments or class games in Chesskid, but we'll leave the club intact, so that your kids can remain friends with each other on the site.