Floris Elementary School Virtual Chess Club

Floris Elementary School Virtual Chess Club

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Floris Elementary School Club
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Learn chess online with Silver Knights!  We’ve taught 100,000 children to play including state & national champions, but most students are beginners looking to learn a new skill and have FUN. Class time is divided between interactive lessons and practice games.  Lessons range from the basic rules to advanced tournament strategies.  Students will have the opportunity to play in tournaments online. All skill levels are welcome.

Details for Spring 2022

  • Classes on Zoom
  • Eight or fewer kids per zoom group (so lots of participation!)
  • Seven weeks of chess classes
  • Tuesday afternoons or Thursday mornings
  • Make-up day 5/5

    You will need have access to a computer or tablet that has audio capabilities and is able to run zoom for the class. Games will be played on chesskid.com, and we will make logins for anyone who has never used the website. 

    We hope to see you in class!