Silver Knights is now Magnus Chess Academy!

Silver Knights is now the Magnus Chess Academy!

Six months ago, we joined the Play Magnus Group – the company founded by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.  We did this because we believe that by partnering with Magnus and his team, we can inspire even more kids to learn, play, and enjoy chess.

We have some really exciting announcements to share.

First: the name of our organization is changing from Silver Knights Chess to Magnus Chess Academy.  We’ve got a new website (, new email addresses (, and a new logo…but rest assured that our coaches and management team are unchanged.  Your children will still work with the same fantastic team they’ve gotten to know over the past 15 years.

Second: in celebration of our renaming, we have three exciting events to announce this month!  These events are open to any students enrolled in either our after-school program or our online program.  If you're not a current student but want to be, you can get a free two week trial of our online program with the coupon code "trychess"!

Judit Polgar

3/12 at 10am EST Opening ideas with Judit

The best female chess player ever is joining us to teach a lesson on opening ideas suitable for any student who knows the rules of chess! She's also going to answer some student questions.

Magnus Carlsen

3/17 at 5:30pm EST World Champion Magnus Carlsen

On Thursday, 3/17 at 5:30pm we're going to be joined by the world champion!  This will be over Zoom, and is open to current students.

Judit Polgar

3/20 at 8am EST Judit Polgar vs. The World

On Sunday, 3/20 at 8am EST and going for a couple of hours, Silver Knights/Magnus Chess Academy is going to play against Judit Polgar as part of the Judit Polgar vs. The World simultaneous exhibition!  This is your chance to play against one of the best players ever, and to help a team of our coaches, students, and alumni compete against a Super Grandmaster!

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