7/5 - 7/8 Learning from your Losses

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9:30am-12:00pm EST, 12:30pm - 3:00pm
7/5/2022 - 7/8/2022
All Skill levels, from brand new beginners to strong tournament players are welcome!

Learning from your loses:

World Champion Jose Raul Capablanca said “you must lose hundreds of games before becoming a good player.”  For those of us who didn’t instinctively understand the rules and start winning right away, that number is thousands!  Our school promotes a growth mindset for dealing with setbacks.  Learning to process losses and failure is one of the best things to learn from chess and apply to other areas of your life.

All students will learn to classify their mistakes and make a plan for improvement.  And they will have fun seeing games where their coaches made big mistakes too!  The picture? Bobby Fischer was playing black, and got his bishop trapped at the start of a world championship match.  You can see how he felt in the black and white picture.  After the game he threw a tantrum and forfeit the second game in the match, and then? He got himself back on track emotionally, won the match, and became world champion!

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